Do not let him die just because you are afraid to move him.

In every serious traffic accident there is a high risk of spinal injury, but the fear of the rescuer of causing further damage by moving the injured should not jeopardize the life of the injured.

With injury to the spine there is a chance of survival, but not without breathing.

Therefore, first determine the state of consciousness of the injured on the spot where he is - if he does not respond to your voice and shaking of his shoulder he is unconscious.
The situation must be resolved as quickly as possible. It is important that the injured unconscious is breathing. You have to open the airways – tilt the head backward, raise the chin and check the condition of breathing. 
Status of breathing is checked by sight, listening and feeling the exhaled air for 10 seconds. During this time the injured should have at least 2 breaths. 
If the injured unconscious begins to breathe, it is necessary to keep the airway open until the arrival of professional rescuers.